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Cruise Control Removal

The following is what was required for Cruise Control removal from an '84 Wolfsburg Scirocco, 5-Speed Manual transmission. If you're pulling this off another type of car, your mileage may vary.

Tools Required

Parts Recovered - Outside

Parts Recovered - Inside

Removal - Outside the Car

  1. Open hood and disconnect battery. (if necessary)
  2. Remove vacuum hoses from the vacuum pump (located on the passenger side firewall) and the diaphragm (located on the second bolt on top of the valve cover).
  3. Remove the wiring harness from the vacuum pump and follow it around to where it connects to a relay. Disconnect from relay and set wiring harness aside (it still need to be disconnected from the inside).
  4. Remove the three bolts holding the pump to the firewall.
  5. Remove the diaphragm by disconnecting the nut on the valve cover and the one running to the bracket on top of the valve cover (it may be necessary to remove the diaphragm from the bracket). Lift up on the diaphgram rod and remove it from the throttle body (you can also remove it from the diaphgram first).

Removal - Inside the Car

  1. Remove under-dash panel from passenger side by pulling out studs and un-bolt the bottom of the panel from the floor.
  2. Disconnect the wiring harness from the cruise control computer.
  3. Remove computer by unscrewing the two screws holding it to a bracket.
  4. Remove steering wheel from column by removing the nut.
  5. Disconnect the wires running to the turn signal / windshield wiper assembly.
  6. Remove the three screws holding the assembly to the column.
  7. Remove the turn signal unit by pulling on tabs located on either side of the unit. (Note how the lever has a tab that connects to the bright / dim switch.)
  8. Remove under-dash trays from the driver side of the car by removing screws. (in necessary)
  9. Remove under-dash panel from the driver side by removing studs and bolt on outside wall.
  10. Disconnect speedometer cable running to instrument cluster.
  11. Remove instrument cluster frame and instrument cluster.
  12. Disconnect and remove the speed sensor on the rear of the instrument cluster (careful not to bend the prongs).
  13. Remove the wires and hoses from the actuators located the brake and clutch pedals. Remove the actuators by turning counter-clockwise.
  14. Follow the wires from the turn signal unit and disconnect them from the corresponding wires by the fuse panel.
  15. Locate the wiring harness from the cruise control computer and disconnect those wires. Note the negative wire and the blue (white striped) wire that connects to the upper left-hand corner of the yellow plug on the rear of the fuse panel.
  16. Remove the wiring harness by pulling from the passenger side of the car.
  17. Trace the wires from the outside wiring harness and disconnect from wires inside (some will already be disconnected). Note the blue wire that connects to the white plug on the rear of the fuse panel, above the green wire and beside the green (white striped) wire.
  18. Removal should now be complete. Reverse steps and connect the two wires to the plugs on the rear of the fuse panel to install.