Use can use the links immediately below to find those companies which produce some really good games. Oftentimes you'll find demos and other little goodies as well as pre-release information about some of the greatest games of today.

EA Sports - To find the best sport simulations, one needs to look no farther than Electronic Arts. The incredible graphics and gameplay of their many titles on multiple platforms make thema leader in the industry. With such a secure foundation on both computer and console platforms, EA is bound to be around for a long time to come.

Electronic Arts - The parent company of EA Sports needs to be mentioned for the wealth of other titles they put out. A more recent release is Alien Crossfire, the highly anticipated add-on for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. The graphics and gameplay of the Jane's aircraft series are simply unparalleled. EA has definitely found a spot in the home of many computer gamers.

Epic MegaGames - The maker of a great many DOS games so long ago is now making waves with its recent releases Unreal and Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Even their older releases of Extreme Pinball and the original Jazz Jackrabbit even have yet to become obsolete, especially in the hearts of their die-hard fans.

id Software - id Software set the industry standard for first-person, 3D action shooters with the releases of Doom and Doom II. Their remarkable Quake 2 engine is being used in many games being programmed today. Not necessarily concentrating on quantity, their sights are firmly set on quality. If you're lucky, you might even be able to snag a copy of Doom Alpha.

Interplay - Interplay is without a doubt the leader in fully immersive, true 3D environments. Ever since it's release of Descent, the popularty of this company has yet to waver. With new products, MDK 2 just released, Interplay has made itself a leader within the gaming world. As they say: Created by gamers for gamers.

MicroProse - Even though they were bought out by Hasbro, MicroProse without a doubt created some of the most enduring games. It all began with Sid Meier's Civilization and took of from there spawning various add-ons and the sequel, Sid Meier's Civilization II with it's own add-ons. The fact that a company as large as Electronic Arts would buy the rights to produce the next game in ther series is a testiment to just how great the games MicroProse produced were.

Monolith - While not having produced many games, most people know of their signature hit, Blood. On the leading edge of computer gaming dessign, this fairly young company has certainly made itself known. One can only dare to guess that incredible new features await with the newest releases.

Sierra - With the creation of the best first-person shooter of all time, Half-Life, this company is constantly exploring new ground. A veteran of the computer software wars, Sierra is bound to be around until the end.