I questioned about keeping this page, but as you're probably wondering who it is that changes this page so often, I felt that y'all should have an idea of who you're dealing with. My real name is Ira Laidley (I also go by Adam) and I'm 23. I'm was a Junior in college double-majoring in Philosophy and Sociology (before I decided to take a break). What'll I get out of those two degrees? A firm, logical and economical understanding of why I have no money.

I design web pages for fun (and, occasionally, profit), though I don't update it as much as I'd like. Between driving my Sciroccos and fixing them, I don't have much time for the things I'd really like to do (like get some sleep every once in a while) :)

I enjoy reading and listening to music (especially Front 242 and other industrial bands). Of course, I'm open to anything musically, with the exception of today's country music ("Dueling Banjos" from the movie Deliverance is real country music). My reading intersts vary from what I've read for school and what ever book or magazine is lying around when I get the urge.

I enjoy sending and receiving e-mail, so if you have any comments, etc., don't hesitate to contact me. Chances are I'll most likely write back (even if I get flamed). Until then, happy browsing.

Picture of Me Picture of Me - Front 242 Style
A picture taken at school
notice how happy I am.
The same picture, but in the
essense of Front 242 (much better)