- A nice place to get items free, or almost free. They send you both the item and the rebate, fill out the rebate, send it back, and wait for your check to arrive in the mail. This is especially great if you have a low interest rate on your credit card :)

Freebies at About.Com - Ah, the best place for all students attending college. If you're unpopular or a commuter (like me) and you really want to get some cool stuff for free, check here. They recently changed names, but they still have the same great freebies. You can count on an update every other day or so.

UPN 53 - Easily the best television station that can be picked up with only an antenna. Despite the lack of news, they air a plethora of top-notched, highly rated television shows. The weekends are the best and it's guaranteed that once the schedule is set, your show will be on at that time.

WBZX RADIO - 99.7 FM - Our local hard rock / hard alternative station. The Blitz is one of the best radio stations on the air right now. They can be picked up within about a 60 mile radius. Based in Columbus, it is consistently voted one of the top ten stations. Despite the fact that they seem to be having a "format identity" crisis, they are still a nice station to listen to.

Welcome to Westerville - Ah, Westerville, Ohio. The place I am privileged to call home. Come give a look and see why most people in Westerville are the way they are. And don't worry, if you don't like the weather, stick around for five minutes. It'll change. Trust me.