Let's see, the reason you're here is because you want to either measure yourself up to the general public or maybe, perhaps, you just want to find out more useless information about yourself. Take you time and have fun with these quizzes. They have their disclaimers and are not to be taken seriously, but to maybe relieve yourself of a little stress and have a laugh at the expense of yourself (which is why they are here).

How Sensual Are You? - Do you like the idea of a moonlit stroll through the park only to smell that someone decided to not clean up after their dog? Or are you one of those people that doesn't even notice?

Keirsey II - Temperment Sorter - Based on their first Keirsey Temperment Sorter, this new test gives you more information and helps you to understand whether you're an introvert or and extravert, judgemental or feeling. This is a great site to find some insight into yourself and gives examples of the types of famous people that share your same personality traits.

Privacy Quiz - Ever wonder just how private is private? How safe is it to talk on the phone? Afraid that your neighbour might be Linda Tripp? Go here and find out just what can and cannot be done to you and your phone conversations.

University of Life - This is a site with a collection of various quizzes and tests. Everything from mini-IQ tests to a quiz on Netiquette. If you've some time to burn and want to do it in a creative or constructive way, try here.