Scirocco Obsolete Parts

Unfortunately, many parts for Sciroccos are becoming obsolete. I'll try and update this as I receive current updates of the ETKA to keep this as up to date as I can. Apologies to the MKI crowd, however I own MKII's and this endeavour has taken much more time than I thought. The ETKA only lists the 'Body' section of the parts catalogue for MKI Sciroccos. Gentle persuasion may prod me to covering that section eventually.

Wherever possible, I've tried to list replacement parts, but due to the uniqueness of these cars, many parts are simply not replaceable. I've also listed the part numbers for reference purposes. Some points to keep in mind while viewing these:

Please note that dealers may have old stock available, but these parts are considered obsolete by VWoA and will not be manufactured again. Check aftermarket sources, junkyards, mailing lists, or newsgroups if you're in need of an obsolete part. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.

The Main Groups below give you an idea of the parts you'll find in that section. The sub-groups are where the information is. Viewing the listing is as simple as clicking on the sub-group link.