Painting Information

If you're Scirocco is looking a little dull or you're thinking about a new look, the following might come in handy.

Supplies Required

The Scirocco is a small car so 1 quart paint, 1 quart clear, and 1 quart reducer (thinner). Once thinned out, the paint will give you a good half-gallon...more than enough to cover your car twice if you do it right. Don't skimp on the primer either....make sure it's good quality to make the paint/clearcoat stick without peeling. Red is always going to cost a bit more.

Note: Sometimes you can get base clear kits that come with the following: wax and grease remover, lacquer thinner, scuff pads, sanding paper, basecoat stabilizer, clearcoat, clearcoat hardener, sealer.