Used Car & Change of Address Card

Note: I was informed that VW has since quit using these cards. As I have not confirmed this personally, I'll leave this page up until I find out differently.

I found a card in an old warranty manual that you're supposed to fill out if you've bought a used car through a non-authorized VW dealer. What does this mean? Simply put, VW has no record of you owning your Volkswagen. This prevents them from contacting you in the event that there is a recall. While many people let this go, ignore this, or don't know about it, it's nice to have your vehicle on register for security concerns and in the event that you need be notified for some reason. These cards can be picked up at your local dealership (should be free of charge) and the postage is already paid. If you're really good, you could even make your own card with a good printer and 65# stock. Though the images are 1700x1150, they are life size cards (about the size of postcards). Good luck.