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I purchased my '86 8v Scirocco about eight years ago (and an '84 two years ago...and another '86 a few months back). Since then I've found out that the first '86 has been in an accident. Also, my '85 was totaled this past December and my '84 was recently hit (hasn't been a good year so far). Needless to say they all have (or had) their...temperments. Despite all of this, I wouldn't trade 'em for the world (Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her role as Catwoman, however...). I've become attached my VW's and feel that they needed some support (as you may if you're here).

What you see below is the culmination of my efforts. I'm know that there are many other sources of information out there that are just as good, but I've found many of these to be exceptional. So, if you have a Scirocco, or any other water-cooled VW for that matter, then click away. And if you don't own a VW yet, then after looking around, go buy one on Auto Trader. You might even get lucky and find one for cheap on eBay and customize it as you see fit with the information collected on the links below and with the items that I have for sale. Additionally, if you find that your new (or old) car has a whole ring of keys, I do offer the service of re-keying your lock cylinders.

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